Tips on Singtel Prepaid Cards


 To enjoy daily Free Incoming Calls

Call *1300 to activate (*1301 to deactivate). $0.60 per day will be deducted from your prepaid account.


To extend hi!Card validity, dial *398#.

Prepaid *398# is a value-added service (VAS) which offers Prepaid customer alternative mode for extending their hi!Card validity using the (*) send method, except Prepaid BBOM. You have 2 options; to extend 60 days from current expiry date for $0.99 or 90 days from current expiry date for $1.40.


To disable internet data charges

Dial *360, Waiting for SMS reply from Singtel, Reply “5″ to Disable internet surfing,

To check current data usage

Dial *DATA (*3282)